Missouri Wedding Services By Debra Mehringer

-  Our Office Chapel:  Whether your needs are personal or religious, our Office Chapel is always private and confidential. Reverend Debra offers her Office Chapel for Elopement Weddings, Private Worshiping/Consults, & Couple counseling.. Call Debra today and discuss your needs, 573-300-3103 

All Wedding services have a 2 day or more booking notice.

- Traveling Wedding Officiant Services "To Your Location" : Reverend Debra Mehringer an Interfaith (non-denominational), ordained and licensed Minister, is insightful, compassionate, and a joyful Wedding Officiant. She naturally accepts people for who they are and honors all couples beliefs; places no judgment as to their beliefs, race, creed, color or sexual orientation. Debra is creative, flexible, inspirational, and brings this to each wedding she performs. Each couple's personal wishes are honored, and if they desire, are given the opportunity to create their own ceremony. Debra often includes special touches in her beautiful ceremonies, "Candle Lighting", "Sand Ceremony", or "Red Rose. Her ceremonies speak to all present in a common language showing both respect and consideration to people of all beliefs. Debra has performed over 6,400 weddings and each one is very special. If you have the desire to be joined together, Debra is honored to perform your wedding ceremony, whether making it simple or helping couples put a ceremony together that meets their needs, give Debra a call today 573-300-3103.

-  Professional Photographer: From a very young age Debra had a talent for taking pictures. She's loved being behind the camera and shooting scenic, people and events. Over the years, education, study, and taking photographs from many Countries & US States, Debra spends most of her time shooting Wild Life, Sporting Events and Weddings, with a natural approach, and no special effects. Just beautiful picture taking, telling the story of the subject. If you have a need for a professional photographer please give Debra a call and talk to her about your photography needs 573-300-3103.




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Missouri Wedding Services By Debra Mehringer

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